Announcing Operation Cupid!

Announcing Operation Cupid!

#OperationCupid is part of Secret Hamper’s #ThankYouNHSinitiative. The goal is to deliver 280 hampers across the 4 hospitals on one day only, 14th February 2020, Valentine’s Day, reaching thousands of selfless staff who will be caring for others on this day.

To participate and support #OperationCupid please scroll down this story until you see the GoFundMe links for Queen’s Romford, Basildon Hospital, Southend Hospital or Princess Alexandra Harlow.

Secret Hamper NHS70 Initiative: the aim of this non for profit initiative is to invite businesses, sports stars, celebrities and individuals throughout the UK to recognise and celebrate 70 years of the NHS.

Recognising the wonderful care given by the unsung heroes working at all levels within the organisation by sponsoring bespoke hampers to say a BIG ‘Thank You’ for dedicating their lives caring for others.

Secret Hamper’s goal is to replicate this to a total of 70 hospitals across the country. Each time we deliver 70 hampers to a hospital the contents are shared amongst the staff and can reach in excess of 3000 people creating a massive positive impact.

There are so many benefits to all involved;

  • As an employer showing your team you care about causes they are passionate about creates a great working environment.
  • Your staff can help to build and/or deliver to a hospital (s) of your choice and share the hampers amongst hospital staff* (*MOQ 25)
  • You are all providing a much-needed respite to often overworked and often unacknowledged staff, making a positive impact on the lives of those that dedicate theirs to caring for others.
  • When hampers are delivered the feel good benefit has a huge impact on a significant number of people within the health care system.

In addition the benefits to your business include:

  • Immediate recognition and exposure – national and regional press as well as regional TV channels love a feel good story. Each individual business will also be mentioned on all Secret Hamper social media channels.
  • A great story that you can share in your internal newsletter and blog
  • That warm fuzzy feeling knowing that you’ve had a positive impact on someone else’s day
  • Transparency of where your money is being spent.

Click on the following links if you’d like to support this initiative: