Anyone else suffering with COVID PTSD?

I thought perhaps it was just me, but maybe not!

Just when I thought I’d managed to survive the mental trauma of COVID-19, including producing our summer issue right in the eye of the storm and then relentlessly ploughing straight into what will be a record-breaking 88-page autumn issue, my battery has hit the red-light phase.

Last week and this week, I feel like I’m running on empty. I’d put it down to either my age or all that red wine catching up with me, but it seems I am not alone. When people have asked me how I am doing (yes, I know it’s supposed to be something or a rhetorical question, answered with a cheery ‘fine thanks’) I’ve actually told people I’m feeling pretty whacked and that I think it’s all the stress of COVID finally catching up. To my surprise, many people have said they feel exactly the same this past week and put it down to the same cause.

So, are we poor stressed-out business folk now suffering COVID post-traumatic stress disorder – because, let’s face it, it has been pretty stressful! If so, shouldn’t we be starting a support group!

Keeping a business solvent in the current climate is a feat in itself for many. Adrenalin keeps you going for so long, but only for so long. Once the adrenalin runs out, what then? Well, in my case a nice bottle (OK, case!) of Cabalie red certainly helps short-term. Longer-term, who knows (did someone mention shares in a vineyard)?

All I would say to those of you out there suffering with COVID PTSD, it’s only another week and we can all take advantage of the Chancellor’s Eat Out To Help Out campaign. So my message to you all  is: chill out, bloat out and stay out. How’s that for a new combined COVID/Brexit slogan.