Are you paying too much for your business utilities?

Are you paying too much for your business utilities?

BusinessTime in Essex is teaming up with award-winning independent commercial utility broker, Full Power, to help bring businesses a better deal on their utilities.

IF you think you are paying too much for your gas and electricity, then you probably are.

Did you also know that you could claim back money from your supplier if it is found they have been over-charging you? Seven out of ten businesses are being overcharged! In a time where every penny matters, it’s worth looking at your utilities to see if there are savings to be made. Many businesses are on the wrong unit rates for their gas and electricity and are paying non-commodity charges that might not apply in their industry. You could also be paying too much if you have the wrong meter installed for the type of industry you are in.

During the COVID-19 pandemic we have seen the gas and electric market fall dramatically, so now is a great time to fix and secure your rates before they rise back to pre-Covid times. Even if you are still in contract, you have the option to fix on today’s market prices to start when your current contract finishes. In some cases, you could fix your rates for up to five years. Given that the rates are currently low, you will notice quite a saving compared to staying with your current supplier.

In these worrying times for many business owners, if you can find a saving on your utilities, this may really help your bottom line. There are more than 45 suppliers in the commercial market, but most business owners will stick with the big names they know of. Why, when there are far better options with some of the smaller suppliers who (as standard) can offer a completely green option, which in most cases is cheaper that the standard supply? This is also better for the environment.

If you would like a free consultation to make sure you are on the correct tariff or you think you are paying too much, then please visit

4 key reasons to use Full Power

  1. Some suppliers do not deal directly with clients. Through Full Power, you reach trusted suppliers you would not otherwise reach.

    2. This means Full Power helps you stand a better chance of finding the best price in the marketplace.

    3. Save time by allowing Full Power to work for you while you carry on with your own business.

    4. Full Power will do all the post-contract work of switching and monitoring.