Essex County Council throws weight behind campaign

Essex County Council throws weight behind campaign

ESSEX County Council’s Transportation and Smarter Travel team supports the BusinessTime in Essex campaign to encourage businesses to adopt working from home practices. This links in with their sustainable travel agenda to reduce congestion on the highway network during peak travel times by encouraging employees to consider alternative modes of travel from driving alone.

The team regularly provides assistance for businesses to prepare and implement effective workplace travel plans (a long-term travel management strategy, using a package of practical measures designed to reduce single occupancy car use for journeys to and from work and for business travel).  Travel plans are an important mechanism to promote walking and cycling; public transport provision (bus, rail and Park & Ride); encouraging car sharing to save resources; and reducing the need to travel via remote working and teleconferencing.

Current levels of home working at ECC across their main sites countywide (excluding Southend and Thurrock) are less than 0.5%,* however this statistic represents those who work from home every day.  We do not know what the number of employees who might do this one day a week, for example, currently are.

Transport accounts for a third of carbon dioxide emissions, so in a current state of climate emergency making fewer journeys has never been more important and can really make an impact. ECC also promotes a sustainable travel hierarchy, particularly when it comes to travelling on business – whereby a simple flowchart is followed, starting with questioning the need to travel at all and then considering walking, cycling, the use of public transport and car sharing over the private car.

Now offering membership to their Smarter Travel for Essex Network (STEN), the team are looking to recruit businesses to join the network and work with other like-minded companies to tackle the issues they’re all facing on a daily basis. Contact the for more information.

*ECC Travel Survey results from May 2018.