Flexi scheme proves huge success

Flexi scheme proves huge success

AS the competition for attracting and retaining talent grows, there has been a tremendous shift towards flexible working for firms. Traditional ways of working, including set hours without any flexibility, are no longer suitable for everyone. Flexitime, and the ability to work from home, allows staff to continue to succeed in their job without having to reduce their working hours, whilst also enabling them to meet their personal commitments at home.

Birkett Long introduced its flexitime scheme in 2018 to continue to modernise the firm, whilst offering a great benefit to staff. Previously staff only worked within their contracted hours, which is still the traditional approach taken by many companies and firms.

The scheme was introduced on a trial basis but as this proved successful, and very popular, improvements were made to the scheme, for example shortening the core hours that must be worked, which has enabled staff to optimise their flexibility even further. Individuals can now take a more balanced approach between working time and home life to achieve a more successful work-life balance, whilst still ensuring the firm is able to meet the need of clients and the firm.

The scheme also offers employees the opportunity to travel to and from work outside of rush hour. Avoiding sitting in traffic in the mornings and evenings can help boost staff morale and productivity.

The introduction of the ability to work flexibly and from home promotes a culture of trust which is vital for employer and employee relationships. Birkett Long thrives on having a positive workplace where employees are happy within their role. This also benefits the firm’s staff retention and employee engagement and motivation.

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