It’s a mountainous task

It’s a mountainous task

EVERY job, I assume, has its busy spells and its quieter spells. For me, publishing BusinessTime in Essex is a rollercoaster of peaks and troughs – and right now, as I start proof-reading the Spring issue, I’m most definitely at the top of the mountain and the air is decidedly rarified.


Once signed-off to print, I come tumbling down the mountainside (praying, as I do, that someone has had the good sense to build a pub in the foothills) and prepare to work at a more leisurely pace for a few days before work begins on the next issue.


When I launched the magazine in 2016, I (naively as it transpired) thought I could work fairly hard for two months, get the magazine out and then put my feet up for a month before starting all over again. Four months off a year sounded a bit of a plan, I thought.


Sadly for me (but fortunately for the good health of the magazine), the Essex business community has embraced the magazine and it goes from strength to strength.


I guess the moral of the story is that if the good Lord had intended us to take it easy, he would have allocated more than one day a week as a day of rest when, back when it all began, he was mapping out what became the business model for many generations to come.