Marketing Meetup comes to town

Marketing Meetup comes to town

COLCHESTER’S creative community is about to experience a ‘breath of fresh air’ in the form of a national learning and networking event, The Marketing Meetup, launching on April 29, sponsored by local Strategic Marketing Management Agency KG Moore.

Kim Moore, Director of KG Moore, has a goal to empower marketers, and help develop their skills in an ever-changing market. She says: “Technology and the digital world requires us to take new approaches to marketing; the only way to keep up is to learn. The Marketing Meetups will enable anyone interested in marketing to stay ahead of the game and learn new skills for free in a relaxed environment surrounded by friendly faces.”

Founded by marketer and entrepreneur Joe Glover, The Marketing Meetup welcomes over 500 members to events every month and sets itself miles apart from the traditional networking events or 7am breakfast meetings which are all too familiar in the b2b world.

The Marketing Meetup has become a community of 5000 marketers across ten locations in the UK; London, Newcastle, Norwich, Cambridge, Birmingham, Bedford, Dorset, Manchester, Leeds and now Colchester.  The goal is to increase the Meetup community to over 12,000 by the end of 2019.

Kim says: “I took on the role of Meetup sponsor because I believe in Joe’s ethos. There is such a huge skills gap in marketing and this is one way of doing something about it. Often the role of the in-house marketing manager can be a lonely one, with limited resources and access to training; it is vital that marketers who want to develop their marketing skills and build their confidence have access to innovative learning platforms like The Marketing Meetup.”
Each free Meetup will take place at the KG Moore office in Colchester on the last Monday of every month from 6.30-8.45pm. Anyone interested in marketing can come along to hear inspiring talks from industry professionals who will be providing guests with tips and ideas for helping increase revenue through marketing.

Kim says: “These Meetups will be the type of support network that local marketers have been looking for. There will be no sales pitches of any kind or any intimidating jargon, but instead just a welcoming space for people to learn more about our fascinating industry and take away with them some tips to help grow their business. And what better way to do it than surrounded by like-minded people, with a cold beer and slice of pizza.”

Marketing Meetup founder Joe took it upon himself to create the kind of event which appealed to him – a place where he could learn new skills in person, and connect and share ideas with more people in the industry in an open, welcoming setting. He says: “The marketing and sales sector is growing, yet we’ve seen existing networking and learning solutions aren’t hitting the spot or just don’t exist locally.

“The Meetup is somewhere where marketers can come together and meet one another and share challenges in an environment that prioritises human connection and ideas over seniority.”

The first Colchester Marketing Meetup will take place on April 29 at 6.30pm in the KG Moore office on North Station Road in Colchester. Places are limited so booking is essential – visit to sign up.

For local organisations with an interest in becoming sponsors of the Colchester Marketing Meetups please contact Kim Moore on 01206 646 006.