Monday Morning Checklist!

Monday Morning Checklist!

As business owners, we are very busy people. We are working long hours and burning the midnight oil to keep up with a plethora of tasks. The complexities of running a business are testing and can be fraught with danger, indecision and procrastination. That is why I spend time with clients improving their time management skills, so they have clarity around their judgements and can delegate to their teams effectively.

Although it is a necessary evil, business administration doesn’t have a prerequisite for completion on a Monday morning. However, every Monday at 7 am before I focus on my week ahead, this is what I do.

As tempting as it may be to delay, we all need to embrace the mundane and tedious tasks. I find it efficient and much easier to focus a small part of my week on a particular set of responsibilities. By concentrating, I achieve two very significant outcomes. Firstly, I have resisted the procrastinating urges that I would most certainly like to avoid; Importantly, I have also provided myself with absolute clarity of mind. I have a clear focus on client requirements. I can generate creative marketing ideas, I have cleared my desk of any administration, and I am feeling organised and ready for the week ahead. The positive feeling of a clear mind is liberating, allows me to focus, and removes the need for undue worry. I am ready for the week ahead, and it is a fulfilling habit to adopt!

Being prepared cannot be underestimated!

This is what I do every Monday morning:

  • Answer any emails received over the weekend
  • Clear all business administrative queries and tasks
  • Reconcile my cash flow forecast with bank statements
  • Review KPIs to assess progress and strategise adjustments
  • Complete weekly financial activities and pipeline
  • Evaluate sales and marketing forecasts to ascertain the performance

The above list may not sound like much fun, but when you review your achievements early on a Monday, you can focus on the week ahead. By the end of the two hours, I have:

  • Efficiently replied to client and prospect enquiries, thereby imparting confidence in my services.
  • Maintained a structured and consistent approach to my work
  • Kept my fingers on the financial pulses of the business, identifying any anomalies and acting accordingly
  • Considered the operational performance and progress of my business
  • Reviewed and assessed sales and marketing effectiveness

As part of the human psyche, we get a certain amount of satisfaction from being organised. By structuring our diaries to facilitate the seemingly mundane tasks, it means we become far more productive in everything we do.

“Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task.” 

William James