Nonsense following nonsense following more nonsense

SO, Essex is now in Covid restriction Tier 2. Well, it is and it isn’t. Most of Essex is now subject to greater restrictions. However, if you live in the unitary authorities of Southend or Thurrock, you’re not subject to these greater restrictions – because, presumably, Covid has decided to divert around them as it spreads its grisly tentacles across the rest of the county.

First note to self: leave Colchester via A12 and arrange to meet son and daughter for a meal in a Southend restaurants where we can safely lunch, unlike in Colchester where we will suddenly become lawbreakers and life endangerers.

Now we are in Tier 2, at least we can content ourselves with the thought that our newly-suffered restrictions will see the tide turned again on the virus. Not being able to visit a family member or friend in their home will surely be decisive – especially when combined with the restriction on going to work, school, the shops, restaurants, pubs, bingo halls, gyms –  sorry, what was that you said? You can still go to work, school, shops, restaurants, gyms and bingo halls? So, you can’t pop round a friend’s house for a sandwich and cuppa, but you can pop into any café and enjoy said sandwich and cuppa with 60 strangers. Ridiculous.

Second note to self: rename my house, High Tea Room – and then invite round who I like.

This Tier 2 stuff is absolute nonsense. If infection rates really are increasing rapidly again, then let’s swallow the medicine and do what has to be done and have a short, sharp proper lockdown.

Note to Sir Kier:  a short-circuit lockdown that doesn’t include schools is hardly a lockdown is it?

I don’t envy our decision-makers and don’t profess to have a clever answer to our current ills. Sadly, there isn’t really a tolerable answer. Trying to balance saving lives and saving the economy is, whilst very laudable, virtually impossible. In doing so, we risk falling between stalls and not achieving either – which is where we are with Tier 2 I’m afraid.

Anyway, must dash. I have a Southend restaurant table to book.