Reasons to be cheerful – one, two (well, two will do for now)

Reasons to be cheerful – one, two (well, two will do for now)

AS the dust settles on an election night to remember, BusinessTime in Essex Publishing-Editor, Peter Richardson, reflects on why we should all be rather more contented, whatever our political colours.

“I’m a very happy man this morning – and it has little to do with my personal political persuasion, which is no more relevant or important than that of anyone else involved with or reading BusinessTime in Essex. I’m not even a particularly strong political animal. No, I am happy for two reasons.

 “Firstly, though the major winner last night would initially appear to be the Conservative party, it wasn’t. The key winner was democracy. Whether you are pro or anti-Brexit (and I confess I was a bit of a fence-sitter), once the referendum result was known, everyone should (and I di) get behind implementing its result. The arrogance of so many MPs to decide to vote on behalf of their own feelings or the party whip and not that of the constituents who put them in their place of great power has come back to bite them hard. Dozens of sitting MPs in Labour but leave strongholds have discovered the hard way that you can’t run with the fox and hunt with the hounds. They’ve also discovered you ignore our democratic principles at your peril.

 “Secondly, I am happy as a businessman. If there’s one thing businesses and, indeed, economies, do not like, it is uncertainty. Businesses have, somewhat stoically, put up with three and a half years of uncertainty, not knowing which way the wind was going to finally gust. Well, that uncertainty is over. We now know for sure we are leaving the EU. It will doubtless be a road with more than the occasional bump but, as businesspeople, we are used to bumps. When the road ahead is clear, you can steer round the bumps and continue your journey. When the road ahead is blocked, there might seem little point avoiding the bump because eventually you will grind to a standstill anyway.

 “Our newly, more firmly entrenched Prime Minister has been telling us for what seems like eternity that we must get Brexit done. Well, Brexit is not yet done, (there’s still a long way to go) but at least, at last, Brexit has finally been won. With this victory, we can hopefully all move on and plan with greater certainty – and surely that’s worth being cheerful about.”