Showcase your business in some style and substance

Showcase your business in some style and substance

Of the many ways you can promote your business, the new Essex Business Showcase is all set to become a firm favourite. Brought to you by BusinessTime in Essex, this newly-launched online directory-plus is an amazing opportunity to showcase all the good things about your business to the county’s largest business community for the incredibly reasonable price of £200 a year or, if it’s friendlier on your budget, just £20 a month. Business Showcase offers you:

  • your company brand/logo and business profile banner
  • 300 words summarising what your business is all about
  • product/service gallery feature
  • company/product video feed
  • facility to tell others about your USPs and why they should buy from you
  • location map and contact details
  • links to your website and chosen landing pages.

It’s an intuitive, flexible and easy-to-use platform which enables you, via a unique login, to input your own material within the Business Showcase design template and then to edit as often as you choose. You can update it to publicise a special event or business promotion.

In effect, you have your own live, mini website sitting within a directory which is an integral part of BusinessTime in Essex Online – the digital hub of the county’s only business magazine. The Business Showcase will be constantly promoted via print and social media advertising to ensure it is regarded by the Essex business community as the place to look if you want to do business with other Essex businesses. The Business Showcase will be category indexed. You can select up to three categories in which you wish to be listed and the whole Business Showcase will be Google search compliant. Google loves the high level and ever-changing nature of the content on the BusinessTime in Essex website (try Googling phrases such as ‘business news in Essex’, ‘Essex business scene’ or ‘Essex business news’ and see how high BusinessTime in Essex ranks), so the chances of your company appearing high on Google ratings via inclusion in the Business Showcase are good Once you register on the Business Showcase, you’ll be able to do everything from selecting your preferred payment method and creating your bespoke account, to inputting your content. Simple to follow instructions will guide you through every stage. Then, you can sit back safe in the knowledge that at least £200 of your valuable annual marketing budget has been wisely invested. To view the Business Showcase, go to www.businesstimeinessex. or to create your own Showcase for your business, go to

Author: BE_admin