Standing desk with a difference

I’M writing this piece standing at my desk, with my keyboard balanced on a Christmas decoration box and my screen precariously perched on top of an upturned washing-up bowl and a few old copies of BusinessTime in Essex.

Behold, I have created a standing desk at zero cost – and whilst it is unlikely to get any mention in this year’s design awards, it is doing wonders for my seriously aching lower back.

For yes, I have succumbed to that which millions suffer – a dodgy back. And it is certainly no fun. A bit like the old adage, it only hurts when I laugh, this back only hurts when I sit down – which is a real pain in the wotsits when you spend most of your working day sitting.

So, ever-resourceful and remembering the good things I’ve read about these standing desks (but not with a couple of spare grand available right now), I set off in search around the house for building blocks of the correct height.

It is a lot better, albeit the legs ache a bit after a while (us office workers really are a bit namby-pamby aren’t we). The only downside is that the washing-up is already starting to pile up in the kitchen – and here’s the punchline which shows us men can never win in life. The wife says we now need a dishwasher – which will probably cost me more than a standing desk! I’m battling to convince her that a new washing-up bowl is the more sensible option.

In the meantime, on a more serious note, if anyone has views on the merits of an investment in a more conventional standing desk, do share them with me. And before I forget, I must stick a Post-It note on my screen that when I can’t find the fairy for the Christmas tree, try looking under my keyboard.