Take part in our COVID survey

Take part in our COVID survey

Within the autumn issue of BusinessTime in Essex, we want to compile an extensive review of how Essex has been impacted by COVID-19 and what the future may hold.  We invite you to help with this by answering the following questions. The answers to questions 1-7 will, naturally, be anonymised. The answer to question 8 can be anonymised if you wish or can be attributed to you  and possibly be used as part of our round-up in the autumn issue. Please make clear which you prefer when responding.

If you could email your responses to Editor Peter Richardson at peter@pjrcomms.co.uk by end of play Friday July 31 please.

  1. What percentage of your staff were working from home on January 31?
  2. What percentage of your staff were working from home on May 31?
  3. What percentage of your staff will be working from home on July 31?
  4. What percentage of your staff (assuming there is no major second virus spike by then) do you anticipate working from home on October 31?
  5. As things stand at the moment, what percentage of your staff (if any) have you had to lose as a result of the virus?
  6. What percentage of staff (if any) do you anticipate having to lose by December 30?
  7. What is your percentage change in revenue from January 31 to July 31 this year, either positively, negatively or, indeed, no change?
  8. Please provide any comment on how you feel COVID-19 has impacted on your business so far this year and how you see it impacting in the months ahead?

Peter Richardson said: “We do hope you are able to take part in this short survey as your input will help us provide a fuller picture in the autumn issue of just how Essex has been impacted. As you are may be aware, at the turn of the year BusinessTime in Essex launched our 2020 Vision: For a Clearer Road Ahead campaign to encourage more people to work from home. Little did we know how events would so dramatically overtake our campaign. However, I am particularly interested to see the longer-term impact of COVID-19 on home-working, hence the emphasis on this in questions 1-4 above.

“Our autumn issue, which will hit desks on September 1, will be our biggest ever at 88 pages which is a tremendous testimony to the positivity of the Essex business scene.”