Take part in our homeworking survey

Take part in our homeworking survey

WELL, the BusinessTime in Essex campaign – 2020 Vision: For a Clearer Road Ahead – which aims to help ease congestion on our roads has certainly sparked considerable interest and universal support.

We want to encourage companies to make it easier for their staff, where appropriate, to work from home and save on unnecessary car journeys to work and back every day.

Essex County Council is throwing its weight behind the campaign and, together, we are asking you to take part in a survey to better gauge where the Essex business community is when it comes to homeworking attitudes. You can take part in the short survey by going to https://consultations.essex.gov.uk/sustainable-travel-planning-team/2020vision-for-a-clearer-road-ahead The survey will be open until midnight March 17.

We’ll report back with the results of the survey and continue to bang the homeworking drum in our efforts to help remove some of the unnecessary traffic from our Essex roads.

Call Editor, Peter Richardson, on 01206 843225 or email him at peter@pjrcomms.co.uk if you’d like to contribute.