The five-second rule

The five-second rule

ANYONE know the difference between procrastinating and pondering?  Me neither, but both appear overly prevalent in the current business world if my experience is anything to go by.

Why, when armed with all the relevant information, is it so difficult for so many people to make a decision? Yes or no are equally fine with me – you then know where you are and can move on. But an inability to make a decision – well, it does my head in!

What a breath of fresh air it was then this week to meet with Kim Moore who runs Colchester-based marketing agency, KG Moore – We met at 3pm to discuss her possible involvement with BusinessTime in Essex. The meeting finished at 4pm. On returning to my office, I emailed Kim proposals at 4.49pm – and Kim emailed me back at 4.53pm saying, yes let’s go with it. I had to do a double-take to make sure I’d read her reply correctly!

When I commented on her prompt and decisive response, Kim said she followed the five-second rule as advocated by her inspiration, American TV host and inspirational speaker, Mel Robbins – all decisions made in five seconds. “Far more productive that way,” said Kim.

Oh, how very, very true. So, inspired by Kim and Mel, I’m now a fervent advocate of the five-second rule and will be banging its drum whenever possible. If only our lords and masters in Parliament could be converted…